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    Institute for Animal Ethics

    The International Institute for Animal Ethics (IIAE) was established as a Dutch non-profit in 2015 by ms. Marloes van de Goor. 
    Over the years, IIAE grew out to be the world’s leading expert centre on human and non-human animal ethics.
    We assess, research, advise and train individuals, businesses, governments on all related to ethics, welfare, and public health. 
    “It’s a topic most people don’t think about, but the way we treat each other, other animals, and our environment determines what our life looks like in every possible way. Now and in the future.” 

    Once a client told us: “I can see IIAE came from a place of love.” And indeed, we are fueled by love for the world around us, no matter who you are or where you are. Even the tiniest creature wants to live and we are here to help everyone achieve their full potential. Once you choose peace for every living being, the whole world changes.

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