We help human and non-human animals live in peace.

The International Institute for Animal Ethics is the world’s first and only independent research institute and expert center on non-human animals. Established in 2015 by Marloes van de Goor, we are active in over 20 countries. We assess, advise, and train individuals, businesses, and governments. For the health and welfare of individuals, groups, communities, and ecosystems.

Most people inherently know non-human animals are sentient; they feel and experience as much as you and I do. But with industrialization and our distance from the natural world, we forgot. Now, it's up to us to remember and actualize it throughout our days and in our choices – there is tremendous peace and beauty to be found in connecting with other animals and making two choices towards every individual:

Yes, I want you to live.

Yes, I want to take care of you as best as possible.

At IIAE, we are dedicated to helping non-human animals live their lives to the fullest, in health and welfare. For this, we educate and train. We conduct research, assess, set strategy, and advise. For all of those, for all of you, who want to learn to be better and do the right thing.
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    You can Utilize our Expertise through:


    We gladly join your team with our expertise in non-human animals and One Health. One-time only or ongoing.

    Assessment & Strategy

    Change is difficult. With our assessments, the road ahead is clear with a strategy that returns on investment in multiple ways.

    Education & Training

    Our individual, school, or in-company courses and training programs are available throughout the year. Sign up today, and start tomorrow.


    With our independent research, data, and global experience, we offer valuable information and insights to your research and report.

    There is tremendous peace and progress to be found in doing the right thing.
    And it benefits all of us. For, in the end, we are all the same.