About the International Institute for Animal Ethics

We are here for all alive.

The International Institute for Animal Ethics (IIAE) is an official non-profit established in The Netherlands in 2015 by Ms. Marloes van de Goor. Bringing together the world’s expertise on human- and non-human animals, we are devoted to justice and spur coexistence between species. Through online courses, live experiences, assessments, research, coaching, and consulting, we help human- and non-human individuals, companies, and governments to make the right choices – so they can help others do the same. Fueled by passion and love for life, we advocate for everyone on our one shared planet. 

Our Mission
  1. To rescue animals.
  2. To empower humans to live an ethical, meaningful, and fulfilling life without harm.
  3. To empower businesses to operate value-based.
Our Vision

To bring happiness and freedom to every human- and non-human animal in the world.

Our Slogan

Live in Truth

Our logo consists of a partial human, a saiga, and a pair of flowers. The partial human refers to our origin, emphasized by our skin consisting of hairs, fur, stripes, spots, scales, and feathers. We might all look different, as human and non-human animals, but we all possess a precious beating heart, a pair of eyes that observe the world, a unique personality, and an inner world of feelings of our own. We acknowledge that all sentient beings have the right to live for their intrinsic value. The saiga’s antlers give shape to a pair of branches, some already blooming, some with buds. It’s a focus on valuing the growth process, hoping for what’s to come, and valuing even the smallest of life for its potential as we are all interconnected and interdependent. By learning, we grow, and by developing, we can lead a more meaningful life. A life wherein we see things clearer, wherein we don’t want to hurt other living beings, and wherein we understand that all forms of oppression are linked.

Marloes van de Goor


Fall Term Registration is Now Open

Would you like to learn live? Our Fall term registration is open from July 1 to August 26. Register now for one of our courses and start learning live with us (you can replay the classes at any time). Our Fall

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