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With our online courses, you learn from experts in the field at your location.
With a combination of pre-recorded, on-demand sessions and live classes, you enhance your knowledge, improve your skills, and grow your expert network.
Upon completing your course, you will receive our internationally recognized certificate.
(Which, in case you study at university, may count toward academic credits)

All our courses below are ready on-demand. With that, you can sign up today and start tomorrow.
Would you like to take the course as a live group course?
Then, you can register until August 31st to start September 4th for the Fall Term of 2023.
Next up is our January Term of 2024, starting January 8th (registration up until December 29th).

Introductory Courses, € 39.95 per course

Introduction to Animal Ethics
Introduction to Animal Behavior
Introduction to Animal Sentience 
Introduction to Animals in Art & History 
Introduction to Vegan Nutrition
Introduction to Critical Thinking 

Dog First Aid 
Cat First Aid
Bird First Aid 
Wild Animals First Aid

Communication in Veterinary Practice
Communication in Animal Care 

Chicken Behavior & Emotions
Cat Behavior & Emotions
Dog Behavior & Emotions
Horse Behavior & Emotions
Cow Behavior & Emotions
Pig Behavior & Emotions
Guinea Pig Behavior & Emotions
Sheep Behavior & Emotions
Goat Behavior & Emotions
Fish Behavior & Emotions

Specialized Programs, € 395.95 per course

Animal Ethics 
Animal Advocacy 
Animal Law 
Gender Equality & Animal Welfare 
Animals in Tourism
Critical Think tank 
Geographical Animal Studies 

Publishing for Animals 
Marketing for Animals
Communication & Conflict Resolution

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    In-Company Training

    Would you like to offer in-company training at your location, online, or hybrid? Please get in touch with us to request our brochure and talk through all the possibilities.


    We provide school programs and guest lectures from ages 4 to 25, ranging from the first class of primary school to the last year of university.

    Our Children of Earth Program is tailor-made for students ages 4 to 18. Herein, we offer one
    or two theme weeks a year, for a single time, or every year throughout a child’s school career.

    With over 700 individual lessons, we help children understand themselves and their circumstances better while simultaneously connecting to non-human animals, nature, and a community project chosen by the school.

    Our educational programs are built upon children’s psychology, focused on healing trauma and growing into healthy, balanced adults. As we have often heard: “one of the best memories” children make at school.

    Would you like to request a free demo or talk with a representative?

    Please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible.