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About IIAE

The International Institute for Animal Ethics is the world’s first and only interdisciplinary international institute for animal ethics, established as an official Dutch non-profit by Ms. Marloes van de Goor in 2015. 

The Greek word for character, êthos (ἦθος), is the root of our modern-day word for ethics, derived from the Greek word ēthikós (ἠθικός), relating to one’s character. Animals refer to all human- and non-human animals. So when we talk about animal ethics, we talk about the character of animals (humans included) and what is right and wrong for us, individually and collectively. At the International Institute for Animal Ethics, we research, provide training, and offer a wide area of possibilities to help human- and non-human animals and businesses refine their character, make quality decisions, and grow ethically into a better version of themselves. 

We work with individuals, companies, and governments. We provide live events, online courses, professional training, assessments, consulting,  research, and reviews

We work worldwide. 

No. As the world’s first (and only) interdisciplinary, worldwide operating International Institute for Animal Ethics, we knew from the beginning that we would be entrusted with tasks much greater than ourselves and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. As our work often includes a high degree of sensitivity and confidentiality, we want to avoid even the slightest assumption of dependency and partiality and therefore decided not to accept any donations or funding.

If we can, we are happy to do so. Please contact us to describe your challenge, and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible. You can send us an e-mail or send us a message on WhatsApp.

We gratefully welcome your help. You can help us by:


  • Refining your character
  • Taking a course
  • Hiring us for a workshop at your work
  • Let us help you with an assessment or review 
  • Volunteering
  • Subscribing to our newsletter
  • Following us on social media

We are glad you identify with IIAE’s mission and want to work for us. Please check our vacancies for possibilities. 

We are always interested in hearing your idea for collaboration. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please send us an outline of your challenge or case and we do our best to assist you. 

Please send us an outline of your challenge or case and we do our best to assist you. 

Please send us an outline of your challenge or case and we do our best to assist you. 

We are grateful that you want to support us. You can do so by taking a class, course, or workshop, sharing our work through social media (please don’t forget your personal referral code so you will earn credit too), volunteering or even working for IIAE. Do you have another idea? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


To join IIAE, you can pick any class or course you like, add it to your cart, and follow the steps to check out. Upon payment of your program, you will be officially registered. 

  • Your commitment 
  • A good internet connection (50 Mbps or more) 

This depends on the class, workshop, or course and can be anywhere from 1 hour to 12 weeks. You will find the times and duration in the specific description.

To know what you will learn, please select a course to see more details. 

To receive your official IIAE certificate that outlines your full name, date of birth, the name of the course, your understanding of the course with your passing grade, and official signature and stamp of IIAE, you have to successfully complete your course exam. One resit is included.

As IIAE is the leading authority in the field of human- and non-human animal ethics, your certificate serves as proof and a renowned recognition of your acquired knowledge and skills. Our certifications are internationally valued, accepted as academic credit, and are known for their decisive significance in admission- and hiring procedures.

Absolutely! We offer courses that suit beginners who are getting started all the way up to professionals looking to enhance their careers.  

We do! 1. You can earn a discount by referring to our events, classes, and courses. If you sign up for an account (click ‘Login’ on our website, then navigate to ‘create an account), you’ll receive a personal referral code that will add credit to your account with every successful referral. Do you already have an IIAE account? Then you’ll find the referral code in the first e-mail you received from us upon your account registration.
2. You can save on workshops, events, classes, and courses by becoming a member.
3. If you plan to take a course with a family, friend, colleague, or if you represent a non-profit, you can contact us to receive a special discounted rate.

Yes. You can select a payment plan upon your check out or contact us for a tailor-made solution. Money may never be an obstacle to develop yourself or your business.

No, but if you are below 18 years, we need to ask permission from your guardian.

Yes. Please contact us, and we will happily reschedule. 

Yes. Please contact us, and we will happily assist with your request.

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