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The Institute for Animal Ethics’ classes, live events, and coaching bring you knowledge, skills, and purpose today. Understand life, human and non-human animals better. Build meaningful relationships. Start by taking action now. 

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You need training that is worth your time. Our programs are designed to bring you knowledge, skills, and purpose today. With that you not only gain a lot for yourself, you also can help others to improve their life. 

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There is more you can achieve. Our life coaches are here to help you live the best life possible, given any circumstance.  

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Our live events, classes and workshops are filled with energy, highly engaging, and straight to the point. You can now learn and get empowered from tens of experts live from your home. 


I always loved animals, but at IIAE I learned that loving them doesn’t automatically mean you treat them well.  I feel this knowledge and skills added a whole new dimension to my life. One wherein I communicate.

I got my first course as a gift and that was kind of a joke. Like: ‘you go learn how to treat your pets right.’ But WOW. I learned so much and I can say my life and relationships with animals really changed. Thank you so much!

I was quite surprised about this new way of learning you offer. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this was so much fun. And I like it even more that I see things so different now. I’m telling everyone about it.” 

It might be weird to say, but taking this class at IIAE healed so many things inside me. It honestly was better than my years having therapy. I learned so much about myself and I’m a different person now.

I think this is the sixth class I’ve been taking and I feel like I’m nowhere near to be done. My life improved, my marriage improved. I love how all is so structured and to the point. And seriously – you guys are awesome.

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