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We offer 70+ highly engaging online courses packed with knowledge and straight to the point. Study at your own pace, enjoy live classes with your expert instructor and classmates and start improving your life today. Our classes, courses, and live events are designed to bring you knowledge, skills, and purpose today.

In our Anatomy, Behavior, Cognition, and Emotion Programs, you learn all about specific animals' needs, wants, thoughts, dreams, and feelings. It is the best way to understand more about animals and provide the best care. In our Scientific Programs, you learn the latest science and move through an entire academic course on the topic of your choice.  Our Effective Animal Advocacy Programs bring you expert experience from the field to develop your skills and learn how to advocate for animals best.  Our Self-Improvement Programs are packed with theoretical and practical knowledge to help you master a specific area in your life.  Our Religious Programs outline the role of animals in a specific religion and how to take care of animals while strengthening your religious beliefs.  In our First Aid Programs, you learn what to do in emergencies.  Our Kids Programs are for our youngest learners - and their parents who want to learn how to raise their children ethically with love for all alive.  


Overall Program Rating


I always loved animals, but at IIAE I learned that loving them doesn't automatically mean you treat them well.  This knowledge and skills added a whole new dimension to my life. It greatly improved my life.

I didn't really know what to expect, but this was so much fun. Your classes are so highly engaging and meeting new people made it even more fun. I have a new favorite way of learning and I'm telling everyone.

I got my first course as a gift and that was kind of a joke. Like: 'you go learn how to treat your pets right.' But WOW. I learned so much and I can say my life and relationships with animals really changed. Thank you!

It might be weird to say, but taking this class at IIAE healed so many things inside me. It honestly was better than years of having therapy. I learned so much about myself and I'm a different person now. 

I think this is the sixth class I've been taking and I feel like I'm nowhere near to be done. My life improved, my marriage improved. I love how all is so structured and to the point. And seriously - you guys are awesome. 

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