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Selected Projects

Our work is global and diverse. And we always protect your privacy. Below, you find an overview of some of our recent projects.

Elephant Behavior Training

As an earlier elephant migration didn’t go as planned, we received the request to prepare for the next one. The responsible staff needed knowledge of elephant behavior for a smooth migration. We trained staff, reviewed the migration plan, made a few adaptations, and helped prepare for a successful migration.

Inviting whales back home

Whales were seen less and less; thus, we received a straightforward question: “Why?” Within a few days after our initial on-site assessment, we found the answer, allowing for a strategy to be determined in collaboration with the local government to welcome the whales involved back home.

Patient Nutrition in Hospitals

A hospital served patients in their cardiac emergency unit the same meats associated with an increased risk of heart disease. More and more, they felt it wasn’t right, so together, we developed a new menu that served patients’ nutritional needs at best. And as a great bonus: all ingredients could be sourced locally.

Optimizing Reindeer Welfare

We received a request from a commercial business working with reindeer to optimize their welfare. The company wanted to scale down on its use of animals in tourism slowly but needed to figure out where to start without compromising its livelihood. Together, we made a 5-years plan with the ROI seen already after three months.

Communication Strategy

An animal welfare organization that looked to start an extensive campaign turned to us to help determine its communication strategy.
Effective change starts with choosing the right words, and often, using specific “popular” terms to argue about animals has, in fact, a reverse effect. Together, we made an effective, ethical, sound strategy.

Guidelines for Interaction

Tourists getting too close negatively impacted wildlife and the local flora. A quick assessment showed a need for more knowledge and involvement. Together with the site, we developed new visitor guidelines and wrote an interactive script for a welcoming video visitors would now see at the entrance to the location.

PhD Review

A Ph.D. student taking on the challenge to deliver academic excellence and make her work applicable immediately to enhance donkey welfare asked for a review of her work to help determine the best course of continued action. Together, we sharpened her focus to be able to use her findings in our field projects immediately.

Peace Education

We started our peace education with two new schools in war-conflicted areas. Our “Children of Earth” Program consists of classes tailor-made for ages 4-18 and offers thoughtful spaces to reflect upon and heal trauma by bringing children of all ages closer to our natural world. Continuation of the program is guaranteed thanks to 72 unique lessons and 120 worksheets for two theme weeks yearly throughout the school career.


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