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    Animal Advocacy


    Can I advocate for animals? How so?

    In this course on Animal Advocacy, you learn how to advocate for animals best.

    We start by examining various expressions of animal advocacy. For sure, you will find a style that fits and inspires you. Next, we build confidence, strengthen personal weaknesses and learn the dos and don’ts of effective animal advocacy. Based upon an individually selected outcome, you create your publication-ready end product. Once you successfully complete this course, you will receive your official certificate in Animal Advocacy from the International Institute for Animal Ethics.



    Studying with the International Institute for Animal Ethics means getting expert knowledge, expanding your professional network, joining a worldwide community, and developing professional skills that lead to results immediately. 
    Upon successfully completing this course, you will receive an official certificate from the International Institute for Animal Ethics.

    All our courses come with lifetime access and are updated twice yearly according to the latest scientific research. On purpose, we keep our prices low to ensure everyone can take our course.

    Is our price still too high for you? Please send us an email.  Would you like to take this course live, with a private, school, or business group? Please also contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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