Learn to communicate with hamsters and understand hamster’s needs, feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Earn your Official Certificate in Hamster Behavior.

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Our Certificate Course on Hamster Behavior, Emotions, and Cognition 

Would you like to:

Connect and communicate with hamsters?
Understand hamster’s needs, feelings, thoughts, and dreams?
And earn your Official Certificate in Hamster Behavior from the Institute for Animal Ethics?

After taking the Happiest Hamster course, you’ll see hamsters with different eyes and understand how hamsters see you.
Loving hamsters is one thing, but understanding them, adds a whole new dimension.

Here is what you’ll get from us:
– Expert knowledge in 6 inspiring lessons on the Behavior, Emotions, and Cognition of Hamsters
– 4 Bonus lessons on Hamster’s Anatomy, Health, Food, and Common Problems
– Unlimited Access to the course
– A choice to take the entire course live or pre-recorded
– A digital workbook with incredibly valuable exercises
– Access to our growing worldwide community
– IIAE Alumni Benefits
– Your official Professional Certificate in Hamster Behavior from the Institute for Animal Ethics upon successful completion of the course
– Support from our professional helpdesk

For € 49.95, you gain direct course access.

We are looking forward to learning with you!