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Get professional training that is straight to the point, highly engaging, and fully customized for your organization.

First, we assess your team’s training needs in a 30-minute non-obligatory call. With that, we understand if we are the right fit based on your team’s needs, availability, and budget. If we decide to continue, we invite all trainees and stakeholders for a 1-hour call wherein your team can meet the instructor and share more specific challenges they face. At the date of the training, our expert joins your team virtually or in person to deliver the training that has been so carefully crafted to meet your needs. All our training programs are straight to the point, highly engaging, and packed with the latest knowledge.

Topics may include: 

  • Human- and Non-Human Animal Ethics
  • Business Ethics 
  • Animal Behavior
  • Animal Handling & Care
  • Implementing Sustainable Practices 
  • Behavioral Changes on the work floor 

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