Our Research Leads to Results

Our goal is always the same: we help people and animals to live better lives. We conduct independent research but also collaborate with individuals, universities, companies, and governments. Sometimes we research something completely new; other times, we work together and build on previous research. One thing our projects all have in common: our research always leads to results. 

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A Selection of Our Ongoing Research Projects

Animal Consumption

We dive deep into the worldwide consumption of animal products to understand correlations with health, behavior, and moral status.

Lab Animals vs. Covid-19

The trade in animal products brings about living organisms known as deadly viruses. We research origins, the role of international politics, and consumer behavior.

Ethical Aversion

We are getting closer to understanding the mechanisms behind ethical reasoning or the lack thereof through neuro research.

Animal Law

We are assisting governments and businesses with strategy, bills, policies, and laws to improve the legal position of animals around the world. 

Neglecting Animals

Too often, animals are misunderstood, ignored, and neglected. We look to improve treatment by learning about the deterrents and barriers from proper animal care. With our The Happiest Series, we educate and evaluate results simultaneously.

Your Reports

More and more, we receive reports from concerned citizens and businesses. Every report is read carefully and followed up with to bring change in the best interest of human and non-human animals and our one shared planet. You can submit your report here.

Request Research/Data

Would you like some help with your research, or could you use some of our data? You are welcome to contact us to enquire about the possibilities for collaboration or data delivery.