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    Our Working Environment

    Ping! Is it a customer from Switzerland, the United States, Saudi Arabia, or Japan?
    Because we work worldwide, our primary language is English.
    And due to the time difference with some countries, appointments do not always occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    Fortunately, our employees are given a lot of flexibility, and you can therefore arrange your personal hours, depending on your contract and in addition to scheduled appointments.
    This is also allowed on that evening when you unexpectedly have nothing to do. This way, you can call with your appointment in Los Angeles and have time to spend with your family and friends.

    We trust you; that’s our basis. And we do our best to make our physical and digital work environment a second home: safe, warm, healthy, and full of interaction with other people and animals. Meetings? We usually keep them walking. Working from home? Totally fine.

    At the Institute of Animal Ethics, you work in an international, mostly remote team, and you get plenty of opportunities to develop yourself.
    We think along with you, evaluate periodically and offer guidance whenever work is complex or sad. Unfortunately, we also regularly encounter animals in bad shape in our work.
    In many cases, we can help, but in some cases, it is already too late.

    What do we like most about our work? Making a difference in the lives of people and animals every single day.


    Applications are open until 6 March 2023.Β 

    Research Junior Remote
    Training actor/actress Nederland
    Executive assistant Remote / Nederland / UK
    Webmaster Remote
    Archivist (temporary) Remote
    Education Worker Remote
    Administrative assistant Remote
    Translator Remote
    Open Application Remote/Renswoude

    Open Application

    Open applications are welcome. For this, please send us your CV and cover letter.