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The Institute for Animal Ethics is here for you. Bringing together the world’s expertise on human and non-human animals, we are devoted to justice and spur coexistence between species.
Through online courses, live experiences, assessments, research, coaching, and consulting, we help you make choices that are good for you and help you live the best life you can – so you can help others do the same. Fueled by passion and love for life, we advocate for everyone on our one, shared planet.

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The International Institute for Animal Ethics has worldwide experience working with human and non human animals, companies, and governments. Which option meets your needs?


You need training that is worth your time. Our programs are designed to bring you knowledge, skills, and purpose today. With that you not only gain a lot for yourself, you also can help others to improve their life. 

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Our live events, classes and workshops are highly engaging, filled with energy, and straight to the point. You can now learn and get empowered from tens of experts live from your home. 


Our in-house or online assessments, reviews, consulting, or professional training programs bring your business expert knowledge on human- and non-human animals, ethics, and sustainability. 


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As a member of the International Institute for Animal Ethics you belong to a growing community of ethical people worldwide. Together we work towards a better life for human and non-human animals and our one, shared planet. 

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Fall Term Registration is Now Open

Would you like to learn live? Our Fall term registration is open from July 1 to August 26. Register now for one of our courses and start learning live with us (you can replay the classes at any time). Our Fall

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Have you seen, heard, or experienced something worrying? And would you like us to take a look and see if we can do something about it? You can report anonymously here. For emergencies, please contact your local emergency services.